What sets Coastline Craft from the rest?

Just like you, we care about raising up our next generation in the best way possible. All of our products are thoughtfully designed, kid tested and parent approved! Here at Coastline Craft, we are driven by a deep desire to live a healthier, more intentional way of life. To create opportunities for individual growth, family entertainment, and making more memories with those that we love.

Imagine the Excitement!

Bringing Families Together.

Inspiring Children.

Managing screen time becomes a breeze!

Transforming ordinary afternoons into extraordinary adventures will be a piece of cake with these boxes of enchantment in hand. Dive into a world where fun meets learning with our delightful gift sets. Our toy-craft hybrids are designed to tickle their creativity while sharpening their thinking skills.



5-Star Gift Set

This is a true 5-star gift. I was pleasantly surprised time and again with all aspects of this set. Everything is extremely well presented and creates a fun opening experience for the child! The set comes in a keepsake treasure chest that magnetically opens and closes. Upon opening, there is a story board telling about the dinosaurs, then the gifts emerge. A large (12+") T-Rex dino stuffy, paint your own dino race cars, a large dino pop-it, small squishy dinos and paint your own dinosaur figurines are all included. They are all buried amongst the shredded "grass".
The paint your own toys appear to be 3D printed, but kept the kids busy for over an hour. The T-Rex stuffy was a favorite and is very soft and comfortable. This gift set kept the kids away from the TV for several hours, they had so much fun and surprise on their faces opening the treasure, and stayed engaged doing all the crafts. I would purchase this again for another dinosaur loving child!

- Michael

Best Unicorn Gift Set

This set was a huge hit at my four-year-old's little girls birthday party! Her eyes lit up when she opened it. Beautifully packaged in a treasure chest and the stuffed unicorn is good quality and a good size, the crafts look like so much fun. Highly recommended!

- Rob Wilbur

Even the Box is Amazing!

This dinosaur gift set is amazing from the box to the variety of items inside. The plush dinosaur is large enough for a child to hug and sleep with. The pull back toys are fun for kids and also helps with learning motor skills. There is also a little paint set to paint your own dinosaurs to help with your child’s imagination and creativity. The box is also amazing. It has a magnetic closure so that you could store things inside. It looks like a treasure chest so from the very beginning, this is a great gift for any child who loves dinosaurs.

- Melissa M.

Super Fun and Educational

Fantastic! For starters the box was so cute. My seven-year-old son was ecstatic to open it. I Loved dinosaurs as a child and it was rewarding sharing the excitement with my son. I personally like that it came with two sets of paints and two brushes, more than enough paint. Not only was this great bonding time with my son, it was an experiment of combining colors to make new combinations. As you can hopefully see in the picture I took, my son created several unique colors and was thrilled with his creations. He blended all the colors for the two dinosaurs he agreed to let me paint 😀 It also came with a brief educational pamphlet, just enough to spark further interest and reading. Great purchase and a great value. I have recommended this kit to my friends and family.

- Jada

A Purr-fect Gift for Unicorn Cat Lovers of All Ages!

The COASTLINE CRAFT Caticorn Giftset is a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to delight any unicorn cat lover. It comes complete with five toys and two craft kits, all designed to provide hours of fun and creativity.

The highlight of the giftset is the mama surprise rainbow kitty unicorn stuffed animal cat with three babies inside her zippered belly pouch. This adorable plush toy is perfect for cuddling and playing with.

The two craft kits included in the giftset are a large unicorn painting kit and a DIY unikitty jewelry kit. The painting kit is perfect for kids of all ages, and the jewelry kit is a great way for kids to express their creativity.

- Christopher Dotto